ABOUT Scorpia India (medical equipment online store)

Scorpia India was established in year 1995 headquarters at GHAZIABAD which is a satellite town of DELHI. It all started with Sales and Service of Hi Tech Quality  Medical Equipments and since than it has experienced a constant growth. Scorpia India has diversified interest in Healthcare Sales and Customer Support , Education and Training  & Information Technology.

Scorpia's Management became based on everyone exerting their Maximum Efforts where Manager's dedicating their Complete energy to earn the Employee's trust - All believing in each other: Abandoning Selfish Motives; and feeling fortune to work for the company. All Employees ultimately urited to make Scorpia a Company they could be proud to work for.

Since establishment Scorpia India has experienced constant growth rate. This has been the result of unparalleled commitment to serving the principles and customers in a professional manner. Today the company has an establishment network with most advanced office automation services. List of customer’s include most of the top end institutions and Hospitals. Scorpia India is headed by highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals assisted by professionally managed field and office staff to provide the principals High-Tech services. The people of Scorpia care about the services they provide to their customers. It’s another way to ensure the finest quality services for the customer's valued money.

Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is celebrating its 25 years of Service to Healthcare Industry

Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is celebrating its 25 years of Service to Healthcare Industry

Spiritual Devine Guide of Scorpia Medimart


We feel blessed as SCORPIA India is guided and blessed by the divine spiritual blessings of our GurudevDr. Jaidayal, Dr. Vishnu and GurumataDr. Jiya.

Vision of Scorpia India


India is emerging market which is eyed by the complete Global Economy in the field of Health care. The Market is growing by more than 40% every year. Scorpia India considers the whole India as its market. Such an ambitious goal demands excellent logistics, sale, Marketing and Services. Availability of full product range under one roof ensures that quick and effective solution is made to meet the best of the customers need.

Scorpia India is the group of professionals that is always available to examine improvements and customize to meet the most difficult global requirement.

Feedback from ultimate beneficiaries has enabled them to improve the working system on a constant basis increasing reliability dramatically. Our dynamic and qualified staff is engaged in an on going search for ways of Improving the Improving’’ so ensuring that Scorpia India trademark is a synonym of quality services.

Philosophy of Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. ltd.


‘’ When you think it’s time to Give up, the real work begins. At Scorpia we take positive challenges and Succeed where others don’t even try’’.

Companies are made up of people. The quality of technology, product and Services depends on people behind it. We want Scorpia to continuously deliver new value to our Customers with employees who relentlessly pursue their dreams, work enthusiastically and consistently achieve self determined goals.Human Minds are said to be easily changeable. Yet there is nothing stronger than human Mind. Scorpia Became What It is today because it is based on a bond of Human minds and strong will positive thoughts.


Dr. Mahavir SIngh Rohila, Chairman and Director of Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. ltd.




A Doctor by profession, an ion in field of Medical Industry.Dr. Mahavir Singh Rohila with more than 50 years of experience in servicing Medical Industry has given this company the vision and guidance ensuring constant growth and development of the organisation. Under his vast experience and guidance the GROUP has experienced growth in multiple folds.

Er. Amit Singh Rohila, CEO and Director of Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. ltd.




Er. Amit Singh Rohila leads the Organisation as Director and CEO . A rare educational combination of Pharmacist and a M.Tech. in IT with business administration qualification having more than 26 years of experience in field of Healthcare. Founder of SCORPIA India and has lead the company since 1995. 

Dr. Priyanka Rohila, Director, Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. Ltd.




A Doctor by profession provides the complete clinical support to all Sales and Support issues. Dr. Priyanka Rohila provides the most required clinical support to the organisation. Her excellent clinical as well as managerial skills has helped SCORPIA in maintaining its consistent growth year after year .

HISTORY - 1995 Onwards

History of Scorpia India in year 1995 to 2019

Down the Memory Lane - 25 years of service to our beloved customers

Scorpia India has a vast experience of 25 years and in this awesome journey  Scorpia India crossed many milestones. Let us take a look at some important Milestones of journey of Scorpia India ( SCORPIAMEDIMART)

Birth of Scorpia India in year 1995


With blessings from Shri Lal Singh great freedom fighter, Smt. Kalawatiand Mother Smt. Rajkumari... the conceptual idea of Scorpia India was initiated by a young and enthusiastic BiomedialEngineer Er. Sundeep Rohila in early 1995 and he initiated this dream project along with his younger brother  Amit Singh Rohila who was an aspiring Pharmacy Graduate with expertise in Sales and Marketing. 

The journey started with association of Hewlett Packard for promotion and marketing of their products in western Uttar Pradesh.

struggle of Scorpia India in year 1996


Year 1996 was a year of struggle for young Entrepreneurs. After almost a year of struggle, Scorpia received their first order for Hewlett Packard, an order for Fetal Monitor from Dr. ArchnaGoel, Moradabad. Year 1996 was also a year of new associations, which included association with top brands like PHILIPS for OT Lights, BPL for Low end Patient Monitoring and ECG Machines, Premier Medical Systems for Ventilators and Boyl'sApparatus. 

Scorpia started it’s participation in various National Conferences representing Hewlett Packard with support from Mr. Godwin Jayseelan. Although the market was not yet ready for High end products of HP but both Entrepreneurs continued sowing seeds for tomorrow and  creating dreams with customer of owning a Hewlett Packard product. 

First Results of Scorpia India in year 1997


Year 1997 will be remembered as year of Transformation… Transformation of Scorpia from a small business into an organized company. Year 1997 witnessed some great win's like STM Hospital, Haldwani, S.N. Medical College, Agra. 

Considering the achievements, HP offered not only additional products basket of Patient Monitors and Color Doppler but also extension of territory to Eastern UP. Scorpia India started a New office in Lucknow for better customer reach in Eastern UP for Hewlett Packard Products. Now Scorpia was handling one of the biggest area among HP Channel Partners. 

This year also witnessed shifting of Scorpia to new Office at SH-280A, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad. The office was better equipped to handle the latest requirements of growing needs of the company. 

Growth of Scorpia India in year 1998


In one word, year 1998 can be described as Year of growth for Scorpia. It was one of the most memorable years in history of Scorpia India. Dr. M.S. Rohila joined Scorpia India as Chairman & Managing Director after his long experience of 40+ years in Sales, Marketing and Management. Although he had been supporting Scorpia since starting from outside but his joining the Scorpia  certainly made a huge difference to the future of the Company. With his support Scorpia grew leaps and bounds. Year 1998 also witnessed growth of Scorpia India, a partnership firm to a Private Limited Company… Scorpia India Medicare Pvt. Ltd. This year Scorpia also entered Ventilation market with Max Ventilators and Neonatal Segment with Shreeyash Neonatal products.

The team was growing and now Scorpia team had 12 members covering a vast territory.

Spreading of Scorpia India in year 1999


Year 1999 was the year of spreading the wings… as this year Scorpia decided to diversify into Education field. Subsequently a tie-up was inked with CMC Ltd. for their franchise for IT Education. Scorpia also shifted their office from Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad to Ambedkar Road, Ghaziabad. On the other hand Lucknow Team which was created in 1998, started to show it's results in not only private segment but also Government Accounts like CMSD, SGPGI, IFFCO, NTPC etc. This was a year which will be remembered for increase in customer reach and astonishing win's like LLRM Medical College (Meerut), Himalayan Hospital (Dehradun), Base Hospital (Almora) and many more…

Some special wins like Fetal Monitor order from NTPC, Shakti Nagar, Sonebhadrashall be remembered for a very-very long time. Such orders further sharpened the technical skills of Scorpia. 

Consistent growth of Scorpia India in year 2000 till 2005


Scorpia recorded steady growth for next three years focusing on product establishment and customer satisfaction. Participation in National Conferences for Cardiology, Obs. & Gyn, Anesthesia etc. were the main highlights of years 2000 to 2002. New education division was growing at tremendous pace due to IT boom in country. Opening of a new franchise of CMC Ltd. in Saharanpur was another highlight of these years.  

These years also witnessed many new product line launches and some great WIN’s including Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and a record of closing three fetal monitor orders in a single day from different customers.

New Ventures of Scorpia India in year 2004


As Scorpia was being rebuild by Team Members of Scorpia Team, Education Division was on a path of growth and diversification. Year 2004 will be remembered as our entry to Education Sector. 

Re-building of Scorpia was not an easy task but the team had again started to take shape and Customer reach improved remarkably. With only few members in Scorpia Team, the herculean task of rebuilding the team looked impossible but with determination, commitment and focus it was made possible . By the end of year 2004 a new team was taking shape. 

Determination of Scorpia India in year 2005


Year 2005 was the year of determination. In the process of re-building any organization, a time comes when the team is getting ready to be on top again. Year 2005 was also a year of commitment and Passion. The team had been developed to it's original strength and was ready to give every one a hard time on field. 

In 2005 Scorpia, for the first time in history of Medical Equipment's successfully SAFARI Promotional program organized by Scorpia for PHILIPS Monitor MP20 Junior and was successful in booking over 50+ monitors. This was a trend setter pilot program which later on was repeated in 2012 on a massive scale across country. Scorpia was the first and last channel partner of PHILIPS to show initiative for such kind of challenging promotional program. The program was conducted in Western UP covering over 100 Customers and Company car TATA Sierra was used for this event.

Achievements of Scorpia India in year 2006


Year 2006 was the start of a new ERA of achievements in history of Scorpia. SCORPIA team proved their mettle to medical industry by making launch of Sure Sign series of monitors,  one of the biggest and most successful product launches in history of PHILIPS. 

Scorpia sold more than 165+ monitors of Sure Sign in the year of launch, which was highest by any channel in India. SCORPIA was awarded with Trophy of Best Sales Channel 2005 by PHILIPS. This award was given in Annual Channel Summit in Agra.

Year 2006 shall also be remembered for birth of dedicated Customer Support Division (CSD) as Scorpia concluded the service agreement with PHILIPS and started to operate as PHILIPS Customer Support Partner for Uttar Pradesh. Till this time customer support division acted as a supportive division to sales but from 2006 onwards CSD became an independent revenue generating division of Scorpia.

Sales Awards of Scorpia India in year 2007


Year 2007 witnessed Excellence in sales and marketing. Scorpia India was recognized as Best Sales Partners for Philips in Northern Region. Scorpions repeated it’s performance in sales excellence for the consecutive second year. 

In 2007 Scorpia started it’s first international business experiences. Scorpia team attended PHILIPS first ever international Channel meet in Singapore and Team India won in many events at this channel meet. Scorpia was also making steady progress in dedicated Customer Support Division which was started in Year 2006. The team was getting into shape and the future of CSD team looked extremely bright.

Reformation of Scorpia India in year 2008


It was time for Reformation of Scorpia. In Year 2008 Scorpia Management decided that it was high time to move ahead to new frontiers and to add new products for our customers. In year 2008 Scorpia joined hands with two overseas companies.Medsetfrom Germany and Parker Laboratories from New Jersey, USA.  

This was just a start of reformation of company, which resulted in complete makeover few years later. Year 2008 also witnessed Scorpia in a new Avatar.A dedicated growing Customer Support Company along with its growing Sales Force. 

Scorpia India was Awarded Best Service Partner Northern India award from PHILIPS in year 2008 for it's excellent customer support services provided to customers. Scorpia archived 96% customer satisfaction. Scorpia also extended its customer support work area from UP, Uttarakhand to Rajasthan also.

Diversification of Scorpia India in year 2009


2009 bought biggest break for Scorpia in form of SECA, Germany. Quest for diversification resulted in Scorpia getting an golden opportunity to associate with world leaders in Weighing and Measurement, SECA, Germany. 

This was the initiation of formation of new sales division, Emerging Market Division (EMD). Customer reach of Scorpia was now expanding from just three states to North, Western, Eastern and Central India. 

On the other hand, Customer Support Division was doing wonders in their segment and succeeded in getting another achievement for second consecutive year. Scorpia India was again recognized for Best Customer Support Partner award from PHILIPS in Northern India in 2009.

New Associations of Scorpia India in year 2010


On CSD front... It was a Hat-trick!!! This was ultimate achievement, when Scorpia India was honouredas Best Customer Support Partner for PHILIPS in Northern India biggest Achievements in Customer Support. Thanks to endless support from complete service support team in achieving 97% customer satisfaction.

The process of New Associations and Diversification continued as many other world's leading brands like Borcad, Chez Republic, Surgiris, France... invested their confidence in Scorpia by signing exclusive contracts with Scorpia. SIMPL Group also started it’s own Manufacturing in Medical Thermal Papers under brand name MBS India. The project was initiated by Mr. Sundeep Rohila. This Year also became witness for creation of SSSD Team including Tele Sales Marketing and Online Marketing. 

New feathers of Scorpia India in year 2011


Scorpia had an opportunity to represent itself at International Channel Meet of Borcad, which was conducted in Chez Republic and was attended by more than 30 International companies. Weaver and Fjordblinkwere the new feathers of Scorpia’scap. Scorpia started to take totally a new shape. medical equipment online store

2011 also witnessed establishment of Channel Network for better reach to our customers. Scorpia also placed its first steps in South India with appointment of two channel partners. Online Sales and Marketing Team added new means to reach our customers. Participation in Major conferences like PEDICON and AICOG were highlights of 2011.

Annual meet of 2011 shall be remembered for a long time, at Corbett National Park and everyone had a real jungle experience as complete meeting happening in middle of jungle.

Service Achievements of Scorpia India in year 2012


Year 2012 was the year of  Customer Support Division when they achieved the highest honourin Customer Support from PHILIPS i.e. All India Best Customer Support Channel Award in 2012 in Channel Summit in Vishakhapatnam. 

This was result of dedicated efforts by complete CSD team in attaining Customer Satisfaction, Revenue and all other Key Parameters of Evaluation. Installation of 119 ventilators in Rajasthan in a record time of 19 days was one of few memorable outstanding achievements of CSD team. 

In year 2012, Scorpia conducted their first ever National Channel Partner Summit which was attended by more than 30 channel partners from across India. Scorpia also inked their agreement with world leader Heine, Germany for sales and support. Scorpia also conducted Intellisafaripromotional program for GoldwayMonitors in Complete Uttar Pradesh.

Launch of DYAUSMED Healthcare by Scorpia India in 2013


The year of revolution… Beginning of a new ERA... Scorpia India decided to launch complete range of Patient Monitors, ECG Machines and Fetal Monitors under the brand name of DYAUSMED. Although the decision was long due… due to commitments with PHILIPS but better late than never. This was starting of a dream to make Scorpia “Common Man's Multinational”.

The objective of DYAUSMED Healthcare was to provide latest technologies at affordable price...“Technology for Better Life”. 

introduction of Online Sales of Scorpia India in year 2014


Indian market was changing and so was the purchase trend of customers. To be in pace with the latest trends Scorpia India launched its first Online Medical Equipment Shopping portal scorpiamedimart.com, which was focused to provide Medical Industry best possible online purchase experience. 

Digital Integration of Scorpia India in year 2015


In today's time, to become a self sufficient, growing and vibrant company, something more is required, i.e. Information and Data Integration, Connectivity, Analysis, Sales Data Review, Automated Customer Support Network etc. 

To keep Scorpia'sgrowth in line, we implemented Cloud based ERP system to ensure better data communication and analysis which could be accessed from any Smart Phone or any latest gadget available with customers or Scorpiansand it shall help us to serve our valuable customers more efficiently and effectively. 

On occasion of completion of 20 years, Conducted Biomedical Seminars with support from GossenMetrawatt, Promo on Wheels (POW), Let’s Reconnect & Carnival 2015 were also Highlight of 2015.

Realignment of Scorpia India in year 2019


It was high time to realign the organization to new upcoming challenges. In view anticipated market reorientation, SCORPIA India decided to realign its various divisions and reorient it’s focus on few product lines and shed out unnecessary baggage. Main focus was shifted to SECA, BORCAD (LINET) and DYAUSMED Healthcare. New product lines were introduced in market for Dyausmed including path breaking VS12/12/8 series of patient monitors. Main emphasis was given in stabilizing the quality of Dyausmedproduct lines while on other hand channel network for SECA products was strengthened for better market penetration and reach.

These years also witnessed incubation and growth of Software development division which focused on developing  new innovative online healthcare solutions like OPD Organizer. R & D division was formally established under DyausmedHealthcare to focus on new innovation in various product segments. First patents were filed in 2019 for upcoming innovative product lines.

Scorpia India has served Medical industry for last 25 years.


In year 2019 -2020 Scorpia India celebrates it's 25th year of tireless service to mankind through Healthcare Professionals . These last 24 years have been a memorable and enriching journey of Scorpia India making it a much stronger ....with every passing day ..... a committed company to its valued customers.