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Rossmax Manual Blood Pressure Monitor - GB101 is a reliable and useful testing device that will help you keep track of your blood pressure levels. This device is manufactured by which Rossmax which is a renowned and trustworthy company for medical supplies and kits. This is a great tool to have in your home if you are suffering from blood pressure.

Design and Comfort

Rossmax Manual Blood Pressure Monitor - GB101 will be a great asset to you and you must buy it to be sure about your regular blood pressure levels. This tool will let you read your daily levels easily and another huge advantage of this monitor is that it will let you see the results of any medication that you are taking. By tracking your levels daily, you will be able to make out if the medications are working or not. It is completely reliable and gives your accurate result.

This meter is very easy to operate. It comes without a stethoscope.

 About the Product

  • Chrome-plate brass air release valve
  • Black enamel 300 millimeters Hg non-stop pin reliable manometer
  • Latex free cuff
  • No batteries required and 1 years manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase



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