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New-Generation Emergency Transshipment Patient Monitor As a new-generation emergency transshipment patient monitor, SV500 is designed according to the requirements of the first aid site and the emergency transshipment monitoring and pursues the practicability, convenience and reliability for first aid and emergency transshipment. The SV500 adopts PC/ABS high-strength engineering plastics, the highly reliable Linux operating system and the anti-scratch high-luminance liquid crystal screen. It is also provided with a special packet for emergency monitoring that consists of a fitting management bag and a first aid apparatus storage bag. The SV500, which can be carried in several modes, is small, light, portable, robust, reliable, stable, waterproof, fireproof, and fall resistant. It can display clearly even in strong sunlight in the field and can be used in various adverse environments, and can meet the demand of the army and hospitals during field first aid and emergency transshipment.

Product Features:


  1. 4.3” color integrated display in multi parameter server with touch screen facility.
  2. TMPS is ideal to perform all functions of Monitor independently including 12 lead Diagnostic ECG from 10 Electrodes
  3. Inbuilt independent Battery Backup.
  4. Direct DC power input for use in ambulance.
  5. TMPS can be used as a independent Monitor for transportation purpose.
  6. MMS is capable of monitoring all parameters available in main Unit independently
  7. Color high resolution 4.3” TFT touch screen Display.
  8. Smart View Technology. Wire/wireless central monitoring system for upto 128 bed monitoring.
  9. Various interface-Standard display, Big font display, 9 waveforms display, trends graph display, OxyCRG display
  10. 12 lead Diagnostic ECG display with 10 lead ECD cable. Option to use 5 lead or 10 lead cable.
  11. Cardiotech 12 lead ECG Technology for accurate ECG.
  12. Arrhythmia and Multilead S-T segment analysis, drug dose calculation
  13. Navigation Through Touch Screen and Trim Knob
  14. Pen stylus for easy navigation.
  15. Screen Lock for Safety and to avoid mishandling
  16. 4000mAh Li-on batteries, above 4 hours working
  17. Oxy CRG Display
  18. 120 Hrs Tabular and Graphical trends
  19. 400 NIBP memory
  20. 30 minutes of memory recall
  21. Drug calculation

Standard Configuration:

  1. ECG
  2. SpO2
  3. NIBP
  4. Respiration
  5. Temperature

Optional Configuration:

  1. 2 IBP

  2. EtCO2


Smart View  Technology


SMART View Clinical Network is a single network connecting all Smart View Compatible devices through wired and wireless networking providing seamless data monitoring while the patient is either in critical care departments or on the move to other departments like Operation theatre or Diagnostic departments.

Intel Alaram Technology

Unique INTEL-ALARM - intelligent alarm system to identify alarm level automatically according to variation of measurement parameters. There are different sounds and lighting prompts for every level with delay alarm and delay time which can be adjusted. There is also automatic alarm & printing function. Different from traditional alarm, there is practical clinical significance for alarm to reduce missing of alarms and false alarm. Also provides the nursing staff a clear indication of severity of alarming condition enabling them to organize the priorities


* Delivery time 3 to 4 weeks . 



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