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SV800 is the new generation of intensive care patient monitor designed & developed by DYAUSMED. Its specially designed for bICU/CCU/operation theatre and Trauma Care. SV800 is equipped with 12.1” Touch Screen , Handwriting Pen,SD card interface, USB interface, protective dust shield, convenient handle, multiple mounting option, IPX1 level waterproof cabinet design & sturdy housing to withstand rough handling . SV800 fulfills the hardware requirements care monitoring in multiple environments, efficiently caring of human life every second.

SV800 provides medical professionals with powerful monitoring option and functionality to match the demands of a wide range of care, in any hospital environment.


Cardio Tec™ technology 12-leadECG waveform synchronously display high precision ECG measurement technology, provides professional diagnosis assistance.


  • World advanced Spo2 technology, Oximax.
  • Unique LoSat TM provides Highest Accuracy Range
  • Exclusive Satseconds TM Alarm Management System


AcuTec TM NIBP technology. High precise accuracy for hypertension monitoring.


2- channel™ IBP, using the US Abbott/ Medex IBP accessories, monitoring ABP, PAP, CVP, ICP etc.


  • Collaborate with US RESPIRONICS, Plug and Play EtCO2 monitoring.
  • Choose CAPNOSTAT 5 mainstream sensor for optional performance in monitoring intubated patients.

Anesthetic Gas

Collaboration with Sweden ARTEMA, adopt the advanced anesthetic gas module for monitoring 8 types of gas (O2 ,CO2, N2O, ENF, ISO, Des, SEV, HAL). Automatic recognition of the anesthetic gas, short time for warm-up, long service life and support the MAC value (minimum alveolar concentration ).

Cardiac Output and Non –invasive Hemodynamic

Collaboration with US BIOZ, impedance cardiography for non-invasive continuous hemodynamic monitoring.


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