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Birth pool for delivery room

FJORDBLINK ® MEDICAL’s product concept combines maximum comfort and safety for women in labour with professional requirements for functionality, ergonomics, and hygiene. Fjordblink ® Medical’s Birth Pools are therefore developed as a medical device and certified in accordance with the ISO standard.Our Birth Pools are developed in cooperation with supervising midwives in several Scandinavian hospitals.

The aim of this ergonomically designed pool is to enable pregnant women give birth to their babies in water. There is a covering sheet to cover the women supplied along with the unit.The overflow valve can be turned on when the water supply reaches more than its desired level.The unit is non-slippery and enables the women to get a strong foothold while in the tub.The smooth edges of the unit ensures that no bacteria can breed,hence it is entirely safe and hygienic.

Technical parameters

Ergonomic Design

The shape and design of the pool have been developed in cooperation with Danish midwives. The ergonomic design is tailormade for women in labour. Adequate space for movement as well as good resting comfort for arms, legs, and body have been provided. The pool has non-slip areas in the bottom as well as on the entering areas and armrests. The rounded rims of the pool provide an excellent grip and the labouring woman can easily change her position and move around in the pool. The pool water depths are respectively 55 and 45 cm and make knee standing delivery possible.

Lifting/Lowering System

The lifting/lowering system provides, with an easy steering of Easy Touch buttons, the correct working height and the best ergonomic position for the midwife, close to the woman in labour. No matter whether she chooses a standing or sitting working position. The rounded rim of the pool is pleasant to lean over.


Supply Unit

The Supply Unit ensures freedom of movement for the midwife. The water Supply Unit and the disposable hose system have been developed in cooperation with the Danish Serum Institution. The Supply Unit is made of stainless steel and powder coated with white polyester. This covering makes the surface clean, smooth, and easy to clean.
The Supply Unit solves 5 jobs:

  • Warm and cold water for water filling and temperature control.
  • Is mounted with shower hose for cleaning and rinsing of the pool after use Is mounted with electrical switch without inconvenient supply wire.
  • The installation is CE approved. Is working as outlet for both bottom outlet and overflow.
  • The disposable hoses are easily mounted without use of tools.
  • Secures free access all around the birth pool and gives optimal possibility for providing obstetric aid all around the pool without any inconvenient wires and hoses.


The pool has wheels which silently can be lowered by pressing the Easy Touch button. On wheels the pool can be pushed around in the delivery room or if necessary moved to another location.

Easy to Clean

The pool is mounted with a 5 mm medical ABS sheet which makes the surface smooth and easy to clean. The pool is constructed in one unity without handles, doors, and hidden pipes with critical edges for bacteria formation. Disposable hoses are used for overflow as well as for bottom outlet. The hoses are easy to renew without use of tools and should be disposed of after each use. Connecting pieces must be cleaned and disinfected like the birth pool. For disinfection an alcoholic disinfection agent (min. 80% vol.) can be used.




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