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Gynecological Examination Chair GRACIE

You can choose from six product versions of the gynaecological chair GRACIE. It is up to you whether you prefer a seat in a basic version with standard footrests or Goepel type footrests. Highly integrated digital video-colposcope, with a choice of right or left screen.


Technical Parameters

Width (seat part) 600 mm
Total width 760 mm
Maximum length 1.700 mm
Maximum patient weight 180 kg

Instrument trolley

Length 600 mm
Height 1125 mm
Width 520 mm
Capacity of waste bins 17 l / 13 l
Capacity of bowl for speculums 25 l
Capacity of upper bowl for speculums 13 l

Video colposcope

Zoom 1,5x-20x optical, 10x digital
Diameter of the visible area 30 mm (10x zoom)
Working distance 240-330 mm
Depth of field 10 mm
Focus auto, manual
Diagonal LCD 17"
Number of colours
Monitor resolution 1280x1024px
Light source LED (xold + warm)
Independently turn on/off light yes
Filter for vein testing green
Freeze - image freeze yes


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