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Multifunctional Chair SELLA

With the multifunctional chair SELLA you can choose from six product versions. Version SLA-AX is basic with large front casters, a firm carriage and a sliding footplate. SLA-CX version differs from the basic version by small casters. Possibility of a height adjustment of the chair is offered by version SLA-DX. Another versions (SLA-IX/JX) are different from each other by size of casters, but offer very original function so-called "Help with getting on/getting off." Our latest version SLA-MX has an elevated and non-sliding footplate due to a bigger mobility of the chair that is used mainly outdoors.

Technical Parameters

Total length basic 910 mm
Total length when recumbent 1610 mm
Total width 685 mm
Seat minimum height 490 mm
Maximum elevation at height adjustment 255 mm
Angle adjustment of the backrest 12º–70º
Angle adjustment of the leg rest 12º–90º
Angle adjustment of the arm rests 25º, 0º, 25º, 90º
Maximum weight of person 150 kg


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