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X2 LED surgical lights

The X2 is an innovative LED surgical light manufactured by SURGIRIS based on a new optical lighting system (Focusmatic). Made of aluminium and a module consisting of individual segments, it is ideal for operating rooms with laminar flow systems. This range of lights will satisfy most operating theatre requirements as a cost effective solution. Many configurations are available to suit your exact requirements. The suspension system for the X2 – Central Axis configuration is formed by 2 extension arms (with a length of 780,850 or 1000mm) and 2 spring arm adjustable in height (length of 910mm). The suspension system provides 360 degrees unlimited. The maximum light intensity at one meter is 160 000 Lux and has a color temperature of 4500 degrees Kelvin. The minimum and maximum diameter of the X3 is 15cm and 30cm respectively and it has a constant focal depth of 1100mm.

The X2 lights is  available in MT (Multi-color Temperature) and ST (Single color Temperature) versions.

Technical Parameters

Illuminated field diameter min/max at 1 m 15 to 30 cm 15 to 30 cm
Max. light intensity Ec at 1 m 160.000 Lux 160.000 Lux
Constant focal depth (L1 + L2) 110 cm 120 cm
Color temperature in Kelvin 4500K 3500 to 5000K
Color Rendering Index, CRI >95 >95
LED life time >40.000 h >40.000 h
Feeding unit 100 to 240V 100 to 240V
Frequency 50 / 60Hz 50 / 60Hz
Number of LEDs 62 124
Focusmatic Yes Yes


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