AVE Birthing Bed Cum Chair (Borcad)

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Birthing Bed AVE

Product philosophy

The AVE birthing bed is unique in terms of its visual aspect as well as original technical design. It provides a wide range of completely innovative solutions, which make using the AVE bed more comfortable and easier for women in labour as well as for assisting personnel.

Eccentric position of the lifting support and new concept of foot section adjustment allow high flexibility in the bed adjustment. A woman in labour can freely select the most optimum birthing position for her. Design of the bed provides easy operation, fast manipulation and easy cleaning for the personnel.

Unique design of the bed gives the sense of safety and comfort to women in labour. The massage segment and other functions accommodate the mothers‘ needs. Undoubtedly, the top-class AVE bed increases prestige of medical facilities.

  • Unique Design

  • Innovative solution

  • Easy to manipulate

  • Hygiene with no compromise

  • Safety

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