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SV600 Multi-parameter Neocare Patient Monitor has been designed considering precise needs of neonatal care monitoring in NICU.

According to the character of neonatal cardiovascular system, Dyausmed developed Exneo. Neonate ECG Technology, ADAP – DSP NIBP , Masimo SpO2, Arrhythmia Detection and analysis , Unique Neonatal Apnea Self Saving technique

Product Features:

  1. 8.4” High resolution Color TFT Display.
  2. 4 Waveform (upto 4 waveform and numeric is bright and easy to read).
  3. Touch operation (with finger & writing pen),keyboard and knob operation.
  4. 96 hours trends graph recall, 96 hours trends table recall, 400-groups of NIBP list, 60 alarm events.
  5. ExNeo™ ECG, RESP measurement technology.
  6. MASIMO /Nellcor SpO2 measurement technology.
  7. Adap-Dsp™ NIBP measurement technology.
  8. Multiple Configuration Screen, Big Numeric Screen.
  9. Built in Rechargeable Li-ion battery providing 4 hours working time.
  10. Lightweight only 2.5 kg including battery.
  11. Sturdy Handle & rugged housing for easy portability.
  12. Integrated bedrail hanger.

Standard Configuration:

  1. ECG
  2.  Masimo SpO2
  3. NIBP
  4. Respiration
  5. Temperature
  6. Pulse Rate
  7. Bedrail Hanger

Optional Configuration:

  1. Thermal Printer
  2. EtCO2
  3. Dual IBP
  4. Nellcor SpO2
  5. Vibro Acoustic Stimulator, Oxygen Concentration Sensor



Smart View  Technology


SMART View Clinical Network is a single network connecting all Smart View Compatible devices through wired and wireless networking providing seamless data monitoring while the patient is either in critical care departments or on the move to other departments like Operation theatre or Diagnostic departments.

Intel Alaram Technology

Unique INTEL-ALARM - intelligent alarm system to identify alarm level automatically according to variation of measurement parameters. There are different sounds and lighting prompts for every level with delay alarm and delay time which can be adjusted. There is also automatic alarm & printing function. Different from traditional alarm, there is practical clinical significance for alarm to reduce missing of alarms and false alarm. Also provides the nursing staff a clear indication of severity of alarming condition enabling them to organize the priorities

Smart Intelli Touch Technology

Smart Intelli Touch Technology provides you with state of the art touch technology giving you with precise touch experience for faster navigation while using your Dyausmed monitors. Smart Intelli Touch technology improves your workflow and enables you to get the maximum output from your investment. In today’s world of smart gadgets touch screen navigation has become a part of our day to day life. Dyausmed provides Smart Intelli Touch technology providing easy navigation to vital information’s

Specialized Neonatal Sensors & Accessories

Considering numerous challenges faces by neonatologist’s SV600 offers many option of dedicated neonatal use. SV600 comes with dedicated Neonatal accessories for:- ECG Monitoring
SpO2 Monitoring
NIBP Monitoring
Vibro Acoustic Stimulator
Oxygen Concentration Senso 

Unique Asphyxia Self-Rescue Function


SV600 features automatic wake-up function. Once the instrument accurately detected that newborns are in the state of asphyxia, it will promptly send alarms and automatically initiate wake-up function and start rescue process to help them come to life.

Oxygen Saturation Monitoring Function


SV600 can accurately measure and analyze the oxygen saturation inside the incubator and oxygen mask for newborns. Only in this way can medical personnel understand and control the change in oxygen saturation in the incubator, thus helping the newborns out of such risky conditions as asphyxia and “oxygen intoxication” caused by high oxygen saturation.

MASIMO SpO2 Technology


Dyausmed Smart View 600 monitors are equipped with MASIMO technology which uses the most powerful pulse oximetry algorithms. The Masimo SET technology uses 5 parallel algorithms thus providing highly accurate data and avoiding the false alarms.

ExNeo™ ECG, RESP Measurement Technology


When neonate is crying, body movement will interfere the ECG waveform because of the weak ECG signal and limited time for QRS wavefrom.  DYAUSMED adopts wavelet denoising technology , which immensely filters the interference and keeps the integrity of ECG signal.

Adap-Dsp™ NIBP Technology


Avoid effect from low blood pressure and low blood perfusion of neonate. Enhance capability of anti-interference, especially in movement status.Soft & hard over-pressure protection. SV600 adopts SAWAA(Self-Adaptive-Waveform-Amplitude –Adjust) ① Arithmetic, it will adjust signal amplitude in accordance with signal strength, which increase the handing ability of low perfusion signal.



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