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Warranty: 2 year

intended use: The Respironics BiPAP Pro Bi-Flex system delivers positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in spontaneously breathing patients weighing over 30kg (66 lbs). It is for use in the home or hospital/institutional environment.

Important: The device is to be used only on the instruction of a licensed physician. The system can deliver Bi-level therapy with and without Bi-Flex. The system can also deliver CPAP therapy. For enhanced pressure relief in CPAP mode, the device can deliver C-Flex. Your home care provider will make the correct pressure settings according to your health care professional's prescription. Several accessories are available to make your OSA treatment with the BiPAP Pro Bi-Flex system as convenient and comfortable as possible. To ensure that you receive the safe, effective therapy prescribed for you, use only Respironics accessories.

Warnings: This manual serves as a reference. The instructions in this manual are not intended to supersede the health care professional's instructions regarding the use of the device.The operator should read and understand this entire manual before using the device.Explanation of the Warning: The device is intended to be used with special masks or connectors that have exhalation ports to allow continuous flow of air out of the mask. When the device is turned on and functioning properly, new air from the device flushes the exhaled air out through the mask exhalation port. However, when the device is not operating, enough fresh air will not be provided through the mask, and exhaled air may be rebreathed. Rebreathing of exhaled air for longer than several minutes can in some circumstances lead to suffocation.If you are using the optional Respironics 15 mm tubing, the device tubing type setting must be set to 15. If your device does not have the tubing type setting, you must use the Respironics 22 mm tubing. When using oxygen with this system, the oxygen supply must comply with local regulations for medical oxygen. Oxygen supports combustion. Oxygen should not be used while smoking or in the presence of an open flame.When using oxygen with this system, turn the device on before turning on the oxygen. Turn the oxygen off before turning the device off. This will prevent oxygen accumulation in the device.Explanation of the Warning: When the device is not in operation and the oxygen flow is left on, oxygen delivered into the tubing may accumulate within the device's enclosure. Oxygen accumulated in the device enclosure will create a risk of fire.When using oxygen with this system, a Respironics Pressure Valve must be placed in-line with the patient circuit between the device and the oxygen source. The pressure valve helps prevent the backflow of oxygen from the patient circuit into the device when the unit is off. Failure to use the pressure valve could result in a fire hazard.

Do not connect the device to an unregulated or high pressure oxygen source.Do not use the device near a source of toxic or harmful vapors.Do not use this device if the room temperature is warmer than 35 Degree C (95 Degree F).

If you notice any unexplained changes in the performance of this device, if it is making unusual or harsh sounds, if it has been dropped or mishandled, if water is spilled into the enclosure, or if the enclosure is broken, disconnect the power cord and discontinue use. Contact your home care provider.Ren. DO NOT immerse the device in any fluids. 

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